Yesterday A, H, E and I met at the Children's golf course for Ethan's first attempt at golfing.  I bought him his own bag and a few clubs from goodwill and this was his first course to try them out.  Of course, we can't go anywhere without eating snacks nonstop, so H and E had to take several breaks for that purpose, but both boys did pretty well and we had a fun time.  Afterward, we had a lunch date at McDonalds, (E-I-E-I-O as H calls it).  Definite fun with the little boys, and we will be doing it again, but Amy and I are both looking forward to playing golf again with just the bigger boys next week for our golf date.

 H has been practicing for a while, and hit some pretty good balls.
Amy got new pink hybrid golf clubs for her birthday...they make an awesome "ping" sound when she hits the ball.

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