Who knew that a Kong dog toy wasn't indestructible, and if they are supposed to be, Charlie has proven them wrong.  Our little troublemaker had definitely made himself some trouble.  It is amazing that out of all the things that he has eaten in the past year that it is his own toy that is doing him in.  He ate part of a Kong, which he has thrown-up a large chunk of, but we think there is still more in his gut that he is unable to get out.  The past several days we have been to the vet twice for IV fluids, he hasn't eaten or drank in several days, and he hasn't even barked.  He is a completely different dog, a nice momentary change, but sad and worrisome at this point.  Unfortunately, our options are extremely costly to try to get out whatever still remains so we are hoping that he will pass it and be back to himself very soon.  If not, we don't want him to suffer, and our options become even fewer.   

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The Springer's said...

:( I hope it passes..poor Charlie boy