Swim lessons, splash pad and school supplies

Summer continues to speed by but we are always ready for fun and adventures so this week we started Ethan in daily swim lessons for the next 2 weeks.  Already 3 days in and he is doing great floating on his back, teacher assisted, blowing bubbles in the water, and attempting to put his face in the water.  Daily to me is a bit of a challenge but I think he will do better with the daily practice rather than weekly and it is nice to only have to take a towel and clothes to change into instead of full fledged winter attire from previous lessons.  Assuming he does really well, we may continue on this adventure.

Today we met Nicole, Peyton and Olivia at the Blue Lake Splash Pad for some water fun.  The sun was shining and the boys took full advantage of splashing.  They both especially liked the bucket being dumped on them and the last time underneath the bucket, the water splash nearly took Ethan's swimsuit right off of him, he was mooning for a few brief seconds.

We are also in the getting-ready-for-school mode.  Ethan will start preschool with is buddy, Peyton, at St. Therese in September and he is really excited.  We have been shopping for the list of school supplies needed and he was extremely excited to get to pick out a new backpack...it is probably as big as he is, but exciting nonetheless.  That day has come up a lot faster that I thought it would, but it will be good for both mommy and Ethan. 

This weekend we are heading to Seattle for our annual Red Sox vs. Mariners baseball games, always a fun summer adventure for us.  Go Red Sox!!!

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