RS v. M's

We made our annual trek to Seattle this past weekend to watch the Red Sox play the Mariner's.  We saw 2 of the 3 games series, and while the Red Sox lost the 2 games we saw, we had a fun time anyway.   This year Cyndi Christi and Karen Robbins, two of Jeff's friends/co-workers, joined us for the trek.  Cyndi has been a lifelong Red Sox fan growing up in the Boston area and this was Karen's first MLB game.  As with all other games we have attended, Ethan got a baseball that all of us signed, and with this being Karen's first game, we got her a ball as well. 

 Karen brought her binoculars not knowing that we would be so close and not need them...but E made good use of them.

 Cyndi and Karen

 After the game on Sunday it was run the bases for kids 14 and under.  After Jeff and Ethan made the long trek down to the field, Ethan had his chance to run the bases. 

He made it to home plate and had so much fun he wanted to do it again...however, he was caught by the security guards and escorted back to meet daddy.  But he did get a certificate and a pin as a memento.

On our way home we stopped at Cascadia, a cute little diner of sorts in Olympia, for some dinner.  The food was great, homemade hamburger buns and fresh cut fries, and we also got a shake to go...YUMMY!  We were about 20 minutes from home, it was close to 10 pm, and Ethan was really tired but couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep.  As he was sitting in the very back seat, I pulled him up in the middle seat between Cyndi and I so he could cuddle up and fall asleep...however, within a couple of minutes instead he got carsick.  He has only thrown up one other time, probably over 2 years ago, so I survived the best I could with a bad gag reflex for throw up, and so glad that I keep Ziploc bags and wipes in the car.

And true to mischievous form, when we got home I turned on the backyard lights to bring our stuff in from the car to find our backyard toilet-papered...we found 3 empty rolls, from where we are still not sure, but I am sure Charlie, probably with Copper's help, made the most of their time as well.  

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