Children's Museum...so much fun!!!

Today we met Hunter and Peyton at the Children's Museum. It was the first time we had been there and all three boys had a BLAST running and playing with so many things. There was a Bob-The-Builder room, a water room, a tree house, a construction room, a grocery store, a baby room, a bus stop, a music room, a theater dressing room, and so many more...we will definitely be making another trip.

Play in the water....I LOVE the water.

Climb the treehouse with Mommy.

Grocery shopping with Hunter

Gotta brush the Alligator's teeth.

and give the babies a bath...

play some tunes..
riding and driving the bus with my buddies...

And he loved the construction site.


Brittney said...

It seems like everytime I check your blog you have more fun things that you have done with Ethan. I hope that I am the same way. Ethan is such a cutie and is getting so big. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple months.

Kristina said...

looks like the museum was fun...I am sure my kids would love it!