Fun in the sun...yard work and hanging with our friends!!

On April Fool's Day Ethan turned 21 months. Only three months to go and "months" will be said no more. Yesterday we had an AWESOME day. It was 60+ degrees and we had to take advantage of being outside even if it was to do yard work. Ethan helped Daddy mow the lawns while Mommy weeded the front yard and put new bark dust in the flower beds. The Tulips are almost ready to bloom and the trees are budding flowers. Today is supposed to be even nicer with 70+ degrees.

Later in the evening we had some friends over for homemade pizza, Caesar salad, a great dessert that Jenn made, and Wii games. Ethan, Hunter and Peyton had a great time playing together as always, Rubie had fun rolling over on her blanket and sitting on Ethan's tricycle, all 4 Daddy's watched basketball and all 4 Mommy's had a great time chatting while Copper barked at the backdoor and tried to lick his way through the windows. It is so fun to get together with our friends.

Ethan had to shower up before all his buddies came to play. Gotta love the shower cap!

Jen and Rubie riding Ethan's tricycle.

Peyton and Ethan give each other a goodbye hug.


B, A, H & C said...

shower cap....holy cow, i am laughing so hard. thanks for having us...and as always, great food by kate!!!!

The Springer's said...

The pizza was delicious! Thanks again, it's always fun to get together. I stole a couple pics... :) Hope you don't mind!

Kristina said...

This also looks like fun! cute pics. your yard looks good!