Fast Food Drive-thrus...

I have several "pet-peeves," one of which is getting an incorrect order from the drive-thru, my gripe of which I am writing today. My husband will be laughing at me as he reads this as we have discussed this issue many times before regarding the incompetence's of the fast food worker and his motto is "Don't do it!"

First off, I am not a big fast food fan, mostly because I am a picky eater, but when I do pay for food whether fast or sit-down, I believe it should be what I ordered. Prior to having Ethan I had no issues with going inside a restaurant to order food so that I could check it out and have it fixed before leaving, however, drive-thrus can be your best friend when you have a child.

Last week I was going over to pick up something from a friend who lives on the other side of town, and as it was around 1:30 and while Ethan was napping I was working rather than taking time to eat some lunch, I decided to stop on my way to her house and get a burger from Burgerville. This particular Burgerville was downtown and has awful parking but they are right off the freeway so through the drive-thru I went. I ordered the colossal cheeseburger and a Coca-Cola. The colassal cheeseburger comes with cheese, Burgerville spread, ketchup, tomato, pickle and lettuce. As again, I am a picky eater, I asked for no tomato or pickle, which I can guarantee I am not the only person to do this. The lady repeated my order back to me and told me the price. I paid, received my order and went on my way as there were 2 cars behind me and there was no room for me to check my order before I would have been honked at. BIG MISTAKE! When I was about 6 blocks away and pulled out my burger I noticed that there wasn't any cheese. I complained to Ethan about it but figured oh well and continued on my way. I took a bit of my burger and got an mouthful of mayonnaise. Yuck! I took my burger apart to find enough ketchup and mayonnaise for probably 10 burger. What happened to the spread and cheese and why was there mayonnaise on the burger? Had I not gotten on the freeway by that time I would have been back at Burgerville complaining to the manager about the incorrectness, but instead my lunch that day consisted of a coca-cola.

Which brings me to my retorical question...what is so complicated about fast food that you can't get the order correct? I have never worked in fast food myself, but one would think that your required skills would be to read and follow directions, which is probably required for every job...or maybe for fast food that is not required and that is why I am complaining about it now.

Note to self: Never leave the drive-thru line, regardless of honking cars behind you, before checking your order.


J, K, E & C Hadley said...

Ha Ha!!! I warned you about drive-thrus and anything "mega" - mega-sale, mega-superstore, you get the point. No drive-thrus or mega.
Love, your hubby, Jeff

Kristina said...

Funny this sounds sorta like the stories that Newell, you and I were talking about in the "Taco Bell" drive thru after we left winco last summer! Another one to add to the list of "why we love drive thrus" along with "thats highway robbery"!! LOL

J, K, E & C Hadley said...

I am so going to blog about "highway robbery". HA