Pick a posie.

This last Friday our friends, Kit, Melinda and Thomas gave Ethan a play structure for the yard. We are so thankful for their continuous generosity and appreciate them so much for all that they have done for us. We will forever be in their debt. He has had a great time with it the last couple of days. Here are some pictures from that day ...he also had to stop and pick some posies.

They also gave us another outdoor riding toy. It is a Mickey Mouse airplane and the propeller lights up, spins and sings when he pushes the button. Ethan sticks his tongue out just like Mommy when he is doing things.

He also has started to build things with the Legos and the blocks that Gpa Hadley made for him.

Last week Ethan didn't see much of daddy so one night he was still chattering in his bed an hour after I put him down for the night. Daddy had finally gotten home around 9pm and heard him chattering and got him up to say Hi. He cuddled with Daddy for a few minutes until he saw me and then had to cuddle with me. He was done cuddling after I had Jeff take the picture so he was then put back to bed by Daddy.

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