My wish list...

I stole this idea from my great friend, Amy. I have always been a "bargain" shopper and I love to find a deal. I look for anyway to save a little money with sales, coupons, whatever I can find. I will check out many different stores, online, etc., before buying something, other than basic needs, to make sure I am getting the best deal but I don't buy much for myself unless it is absolutely necessary and even then I put it off as long as possible, as there is always something more pressing that we need the money for. So I decided to make a wish list, no in any particular order....

-Time....to finish the book I have been reading for 4 months, to work on Ethan's scrapbook, to wash and style my hair...this could go on and on...
-A second pair of custom orthotics to go in my new shoes so that I don't have to switch them constantly.
-New pots & pans - After 12 years they need a facelift.
-H20 mop - what can I say, I like to clean
-A Dyson vacuum - again, what can I say.
-New Pampered Chef oven glove and mitt.
-A tan.
-A Tupperware mat for rolling out dough.
-New comfortable couches, without tears in them from a dog.
-New wardrobe, my mommy status currently doesn't require much more than Jeans and t-shirts but my closet could definitely use an upgrade from the 5 t-shirts and 1 pair of jeans I do own.
-A vacation - not that our vacations to Hurricane aren't great, but I would like to go somewhere else on occasion.
-My long hair back - why did I cut my hair in the first place?? well, I was a new mom with no time to wash my hair let alone style it, however, now it is just shorter and I do the same thing.
-And finally, to sell our house, and when we do eventually get a new house, to have a wonderful large kitchen that is very organized with lots of gadgets.

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amy said...

love the long hair one, i agree-mommyhood took over. everyday i cringe in the mirror over my mommy cut. :)