Daddy was home to play today...

Daddy stayed home to play with Ethan today so we went out to breakfast at the Tippy Canoe. They have the BEST breakfast potatoes and pancakes. We then headed to Wal-Mart, as Mommy needed a new headlight bulb for her car. While we were there we check out tricycles for Ethan. He really liked them, so Daddy thought he needed one. It is raining today, what is new here, so we rode it for a few minutes outside with his helmet on and then took it inside. He has had a lot of fun riding it around the living room & kitchen with Daddy's help.

Ethan stopped to smell the daffodils along the way.

Daddy crashed while playing on Ethan's tricycle.

Video's of Ethan - The first one is of Daddy pushing Ethan on his tricycle. The second is of Ethan dancing to the credits of his favorite movie, Madagascar.

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The Springer's said...

I love how Copper follows Jeff and Ethan around on the trike, lol!