Lazy wet days!!

Spring in Oregon is a real downer at times. It rains constantly with an occasional dry, almost warm day, for which you mostly spend catching up on yard work. Sunday Jeff and I took Ethan to Clackamas Town Center Mall while Carol, our realtor, had an open house at our house. We took Ethan to the Build-A-Bear store and he got to pick out an animal. Of course, he picked the Monkey, although he did think about the frog for a minute. He really wanted to take the display Monkey home and was very distraught about the unstuffed Monkey while we waited in line for it to get its heart and stuffing. He finally gave it a great big hug after it looked like the display Monkey. His name is Phil, after the Monkey on Madagascar, Ethan's favorite movie.

Here are some pictures from earlier this week.

Ethan likes to cuddle up under the blankets.

**Yes, this is an Elmo toilet seat on Ethan's head. Don't worry, I had just taken it out of the package so it was clean. He felt it should be worn as a hat instead of sitting on it. We are having him sit on the potty before he has a bath at night.

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The Springer's said...

Lovin' Ethan's Elmo hat, lol.