Tired of seeing medical personnel this week...

Again, I am so very thankful that my blood clot was really low down in my leg and did not cause any major damage or death, however, I am glad this week of seeing multiple medical personnel with Ethan in tow is almost over.  Monday evening started with an ER visit, pharmacy on Tuesday to begin daily Warfarin (generic Coumadin) and Arixtra (5 shots in the belly the rest of the week of blood thinner), my PCP on Thursday to discuss the effects of Coumadin and then sitting in the lab for an hour waiting to have my first PT/INR drawn (Prothrombin Time/International Normalized Ratio - a blood test that evaluated the ability of blood to clot properly and monitor the effectiveness of blood thinners), Friday I was able to get the sutures out of my foot and I now get to start slowing walking in a regular shoe a few hours each day and should be out of the air cast by the end of next week, and today Ethan is getting his flu shot.

During all of these visits I have been so glad to have Ethan's My Busy Book that my MIL and SIL gave him.  It has been a complete lifesaver and everyone who has seen it has been enamored by it.  And he has been a really good boy while at all of these appointments.

My INR turned out to be 2, which is right where it needs to be for basic blood clotting so they adjusted my medication to only a half a pill each day.  I will begin seeing the Anti-Coagulation Clinic on Monday to monitor my PT/INR from now on and hopefully after the 6 months will no longer have this problem.  Unfortunately, I am now unable to have my other foot repaired until at least after the 6 months, will have to wear a medical alert bracelet and if I ever get a blood clot again I will have to be on Warfarin for the rest of my life.