Robots and remodels

On Sunday I was able to celebrate my birthday, it is not until this Friday but we celebrated early, and have some much needed girl time with my two best girlfriends, Amy and Nicole.  We had a great time eating and chatting at California Pizza Kitchen and then saw Life As We Know It (a cute chick flick).  Ethan and Daddy had a great time while I was gone and I returned home to a family of robots made of Tinker Toys, which Ethan was very proud of...and he told me that Mommy was the tallest one.

This past week (Thursday and Friday), Jeff's company had a lab inspection, which they did awesome on, and so he decided to take this week off to relax...HAHA.  He actually decided that we needed to do some remodels/repairs around the house.  Monday morning we decided to jump in head first to see what was causing the upstairs bathroom floor to have a soft spot...here is what we found.
Pre-tear apart, with extremely hard to clean flooring.
Post-tear apart with a nice sized hole right in the center of the bathroom.  

Today (Tuesday) we replaced the broken front window.  
Lots of work but glad to at least have it installed and it looks great!
   The old window was 9'2" x 5'2".  The bottom middle pane was broken by Charlie. 
The thumbs up always makes me laugh.
Our time capsule for our hard work...our house will probably fall down before the window does so no one will probably ever see it, but if they do they will know we were here.
And Ben helped Jeff frame up the new window and nail it in place.
The new window is 8' x 4 ' with openings on both sides.
The dogs were so glad to be let out of the kitchen and had to check out the new scenery.  

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we will be finishing up both projects as much as possible with final pictures to come soon.

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