Earlier today I was blog stalking one of my new favorite blogs, Single Dad Laughing, and his topic today was about the funny words that kids says.  Ethan has many words that make Jeff and I laugh, one of which is Crackcorn for popcorn.  Daddy and Ethan both really love their Crackcorn.  We are probably supposed to correct him but some of his word are so cute that we usually say them along with him.  I need to write them all down so that I remember them as he gets older and I am also going to record his voice and his laugh, which always makes everyone laugh, so that I can remember what he sounds like for when he hits puberty and loses such cuteness.  Here is a start to the list, I will update it as I remember them:

Crackcorn for Popcorn
Eatmo for Oatmeal
Oascream for Ice Cream
Tar Tar for Train
Sauce for Soda
Dip for Ketchup and Mustard...This boy loves Mustard.
Rhinarus for Rhinoceros...and they say rrrraaaaarrrrrr.
M for M&M's...the kid is addicted and will probably always call them M's, which they are my favorite also (Peanut M's) so I know where he gets that from.
Case for DVD or CD.
Gigphones for headphones.
Darkin for dark...he says "it's not darkin anymore Mama" when he gets up in the morning.
Rhinototops for Triceratops.

Ethan also is an extremely friendly boy and when playing with other kids, whether he knows their name or not he calls them his kids.  "Gotta go play with my kids, Mom".  He also frequently yells over the fence to our neighbors, "kids, kids, where are you kids?"

Another funny that he does that makes us laugh is his bedtime routine.  I don't remember when he started doing it, but each night as we would put Ethan to bed we both have had to do his little routine.  It first started as a kiss, a hug, double fives, and double knuckles.  At some point along the way he added a zerbert, so it then became a kiss, a zerbert on the cheek, a hug, double fives and a zerbert on each hand, double knuckles and then a zerbert on each knuckle...this really grosses Daddy out. It has now evolved into Ethan picking an animal, that both he and Daddy have to do (sound and action) from the living room to his bed, which is quite entertaining, and then we have to do the whole kisses, zerberts, fives and knuckles routine.  It is always a good laugh for the end of the day...and then Mommy is so excited for a quiet evening without him. 

Today we also ventured down to the park, we had to drive there today as it is a really long, painful walk for me right now, but we slowly made it there and Ethan always has great fun there....I love you hear him laugh!

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