Christmas 2009

We had a great Christmas with all of our families, the only one that couldn't be here was my brother, Doug. We are so lucky to have wonderful families that we are able to spend time with.

We started off our Christmas Eve day with Ethan taking a ride with Papa Steve on the 4wheeler and reading some books with Grammie, while Mommy made the sugar cookies for our annual tradition of Taco dinner and then decorated cookies for Santa. My mom had surgery on her good-bad foot the Friday before Christmas so she has had to stay off her foot the whole time we have been here.

Eating some cookies with Daddy.

Decorating cookies (SIL's Dad, SIL's Mom, my SIL Kristina, my nephew Jacob and neice Ellie).

Ethan then got to open his Monkey PJ's and a few small presents from Grammie & Papa. He wanted to take a picture with Uncle Newell and his cool plastic hat he made out of the plate packaging.

Christmas was a busy day....we woke up and tried to keep Ethan entertained until the rest of Jeff's family all got to G&G Hadley's house. We finally let him open his train set from Santa while we were waiting.

Grammie Hadley got Ethan these Lightening McQueen slippers...he has not taken them off since he opened the package, even sleeping with them on.

Grammie Hadley got a new car because her's was totaled a couple of weeks ago.

Aunt Lori made Ethan a new quilt for his bed, Mater and Lightening are always a big hit with Ethan.

G&G Hadley and aunt Lori gave Ethan this awesome tool bench, it came with an engine block that you can take apart as well as a car that you can take apart...Ethan saw the car first, ignoring the tools but has since figured out how to take it all apart and test it out.

We then headed over to my parents house to open presents with my parents and brother & family.

Uncle Doug gave Ethan a road rug from IKEA and gave Jacob a compass, both boys were very happy with their gifts. Ethan also got a Tag Junior from G&G Berg with some new books to help him learn his shapes, colors and numbers.

Here is Bell with the eisle that we gave her.


amy s said...

looks like an awesome time with your family! enjoy them! see you when you get back to OR.

The Springer's said...

Love the pics, enjoy the rest of your time there. I love his Cars quilt!!

The Houston Family said...

Now you have to get all the loot in the car to get it homw!!!