Happy New Year!!

Well we are finally back home, although getting back to normal may take a while. We had a good time in Utah with all of our family, however, sometime throughout our two weeks there every one of Jeff's family and eventually my family came down with an awful cold. So bad that several members stayed in bed for a day or longer and Jeff even went to the ER in the middle of the night because his throat was so swollen he couldn't swallow. It is really is nice to be back in our own beds even with the humidifier, inhalers and any cold medicine that we can find to help, hopefully we will be on the mend really soon.

I started off my New Years Eve day with lunch at Olive Garden with my BFF Sara. We have been best friends since I first move to H-town and started the 5th grade. Neither one of us had a sister so we were each others sister and loved every moment of it. It was so nice to go out with her and catch up. It is one of my goals of 2010 to keep better in touch with her.

Sara and I with our Sadie Hawkins dates, of which I can't remember their names so I cut them out. WOW, check out my bangs...and what was I thinking with those shoes, they must have been the only ones I had??

Sara, Freya and I at my wedding, almost 13 years ago.

Later that evening we had a nice New Years Eve celebration with the Berg family tradition of Fondue and Papa Steve took Ethan, Jacob and Ellie on their first 4wheeler ride of the year.

Ethan help Aunt Lori catch some "fish" (white chocolate covered pretzels) while Jeff and I loaded the car for our long drive home.

This week Jeff is finishing up his last three days as the Salem Hospital Pathology Manger. He will be starting a new job as the Operations Manager for Pacific Pathology on Thursday. Pacific Pathology is purchasing the histology department from the hospital and therefore Jeff's job was being eliminated so he was offered the job of Operations Manager and will still keep his same office and some of his staff but will get a new name badge and paycheck. He is looking forward to his new tasks at hand and hopefully will be able to have an occasional 5 day work week instead of a 6 or 7 day work week.


The Springer's said...

Ok, LOVE the old pics. Rockin' the bangs!

B, A, H & C said...

ha, love the pics! happy new year hadley's! let's see more of eachother in 2010, it is always fun!!!