Playdate and Christmas present exchange

This morning we went to Peyton's house for a playdate/Christmas gift exchange with Peyton and Hunter. My camera is packed for our trip so...Thanks Nic for sending me some pics. The boys always have a great time playing, although Ethan usually wants to play with whatever someone else is so sharing is really hard but we are working on it. Hunter and Ethan both were enamored by Peyton's train set and both will be so excited on Christmas morning. Ethan also really was intrigued with the snow globe that Peyton had (plastic of course) so I will have to keep my eyes out for one.

It is also a great time for me to have some adult/girl time with my girls...I love hanging out with Amy and Nicole.

Ethan gave his buddies some sticker books. Peyton gave him a battery powered skil saw and Hunter gave him a stuffed puppy, a book, and a Cars stamp set. Thanks Peyton and Hunter.

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