Santa visit

Today Ethan and I went to see Santa at Mall 205. We have visited Santa here for the last three years and he is so very nice and looks just like the real one. Ethan was really excited to see Santa, until Santa started talking to him. He sat on Santa's lap for several minutes eating the candy cane Santa gave him while the lady was getting the camera ready to take his picture. Ethan did great, no crying but no smiling either. He did whisper that he would like a tar-tar for Christmas but not sure that Santa knows what that is...or maybe he does.


amy :) said...

hunter and i are looking at this right now...and he is not so sure about it. he keeps asking 'why ethan on santa?'...could be an interesting adventure. wish we could have gone with u again this year.

J, K, E & C Hadley said...

We would have loved to go with you guys again this year, but with us leaving in a week I have so many things to do and everyday full so this was my only opportunity to take him. Next year for sure though. We wish Hunter a smiley face for Santa.