Christmas vacation - Part 1

Well we made it to Hurricane after a fairly good 12.5 hours the first day and 5 hour drive the second day. Ethan and Copper were both very good but by 9 hours we all were ready to get out of the car. We stayed with my brother Doug that evening in Salt Lake and got to check out his new condo.

One of Jeff, Ethan & my traditions each year is to get a Christmas tree from the tree farm, however, since we were coming to Hurricane this year we asked Papa Hadley to get a tree permit and we went and got a tree the first full day we were here. There is massive difference in getting a tree from an Oregon tree farm and getting one from the Utah/Arizona desert, but we had a good time nonetheless. Jeff and I had to keep a close eye on Ethan to make sure he didn't trip and fall in any cactus and they had a snowball fight while we waited for Papa Hadley to bring the truck up to get the tree.

While Ethan and I decorated the tree, Uncle George and Avery were playing with one of the beautiful wood bowls that Papa Hadley make.

A few minutes later I looked down at Avery and she smiled back with blue slobber. Papa Hadley signs his name on the bottom of all his projects and apparently it comes off with baby slobber. George and I had a good laugh while trying to get it off Avery's face before her mommy came home from work.

Ethan has had a good time playing with Avery, she is 7 months old. He has been trying to play ball with her, but she hasn't quite caught on...an neither has he.

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