Tree scouting...

This weekend my parents have been here visiting so we made the most of the long weekend visit and attended the Christmas Bazaar at the Portland Expo Center on Friday, then took them to see Ethan's swim lesson on Saturday morning and then took them for our annual tradition of picking our Christmas tree that afternoon.  We decided to check out a new tree farm this year and went to Mt. Hood Tree Farm in Clackamas.  They had a good selection and we always have a fun time, even if it is windy.

 Jeff and my dad playing xbox shoot 'em up games while mom and I made dinner.

 Jeff relaxing with the puppies after the tree was finally in place.

 Ethan is a great helper decorating the tree.

Such a poser!!

We then took my parents out for breakfast at Tippy Canoe this morning 
to celebrate their 35 year anniversary!!


Anonymous said...

great picturs! It sounds like you had a fun memorable time....I love this season!


. said...

looks like fun, never knew you look so much like your dad...that smile is all YOU! :)