My goals for 2011...

I am looking forward to the new year and all it will bring, some of which is happening early (this week) but that just gets me a jump start...here is my goal list in no particular order.

1.  Get a business license and take on additional work.  YAY!!!

2.  For Ethan to start preschool.

3.  Have my foot healed completely, be able to wear any other type of shoe than athletic shoes, and be able to get back to Zumba.

4.  Complete my 6-months of Coumadin and take off my medic alert bracelet...March 28, 2011 will be a fantastic day!!!

5.  Working my butt off (literally).  Jeff and I will celebrate our 15 year anniversary in 12 months and 21 days and we both want to look and feel spectacular.  I will be enlisting my exercise buddy, Amy, (unbeknown to her until she reads this) to help keep me moving towards this goal.

6.  Run a couple of 5k races, with anyone willing to join me. And to run/walk/fall/slip n' slide through the Warrior Dash.

7.  Schedule some just me time (massages, pedicures, finishing at least one of the three books that I have been trying to read for the last 6 months).

8.  Camping.  

9.  Make it to the beach, either for the day or the weekend (maybe camping), it has been quite a while since we have been.

10.  Continue with my eating at home menu...I could use more recipes if anyone has some to share.

I wish everyone a wonderful and successful Happy New Year!!! 

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poopsie said...

hee hee, i am all in katie girl :) i need it just as bad :)