Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful relaxing Christmas at our house this year.  We started Christmas Eve off with our tradition of tacos and then making and decorating sugar cookies for Santa. 

Ethan then got to open his Christmas PJ's.

Christmas morning Ethan was overwhelmed with excitement...he came out of his room very quietly and soon yelled, Santa brought us presents!  I was on the couch waiting for him to wake up and told him to go tell Daddy that Santa brought us presents.  Ethan ran upstairs, turned every light on (Daddy was still sleeping) and jumped on Daddy while yelling at him that Santa had brought us presents.  Then the fun began, which most of it is on video so I will have to do some editing and post videos later.  

Santa left a few crumbs of cookie so Ethan had to hurry and gobble them up while waiting for Daddy to come downstairs.
This is quite a bit of what Ethan received.  His favorites are his Leapster2, his keyboard and Mr. Potato Head.

Jeff's favorite was the brownie pan my parents gave him.  
He started making up the brownie mix as soon as he opened the gift.

And Ethan and Jeff bought me this necklace.

Jeff's parents and sister, Lori, arrived by airplane at 11:30 on Christmas morning.  We waited to open gifts from them until they arrived.  Ethan received a large box of Lego's and Jeff and I received two remote control helicopter's, money for food storage and a gift card and money for a date night later this week while they babysit Ethan. We are happy to have them here celebrating with us this year and will ring in the New Year with them as well before they have to return home. 

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