This morning we had a playdate with Hunter/Amy & Peyton/Nicole and the little boys exchanged Christmas gifts.  I has been so long since all three of them were together and they always have a fun time playing.  It is also fun to chat with the girls while they play.  We later headed to Ceramicafe and Ethan painted his first ceramic item, I was hoping for an ornament or a mug but he wanted the reindeer plate for Santa's cookies (It will be done on Friday and I will post the picture of it then).

 He always has his tongue sticking out while he is concentrating...just like Mommy.

 Hunter and Amy painting a mug.

Peyton and Nicole painting a mug.

For the little boys gift exchange he gave Peyton and Hunter both the CandyLand game (Santa is bringing him one also) and he received Lego's and candy from Peyton and a Woody cocoa mug from Hunter.
Daddy helped Ethan put together the "bump truck" and then he improvized adding some helicopter parts from this other Lego set to help the bump truck fly.

He was totally loving the hot cocoa from Hunter as well, especially the marshmallows.

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poopsie said...

how cute is he?!?!?!? love it!