Zoo day....and many tantrums to join in the fun.

Today it is near 60 degrees and so beautiful outside we had to take advantage and so we headed to the zoo this morning with Hunter and Amy. We were having a fun time until Ethan decided it was time to have a major tantrum in the lions den (He did the same thing last time we were in the lions den, apparently he just doesn't like the lions). One of the lions heard him screaming nonstop and as I was holding Ethan in the corner while he was throwing his tantrum, I looked up to see one of the lions standing right above me checking out the situation, Mama instincts I guess, it took several people by surprise but Ethan just continued to cry....I hate having everyone stare when he throws a fit in public like that. I know that I am not the only lucky one who experiences such a privilege but it sure feels like it when people stop and stare. Well, we got some good pictures anyway and Mommy was really glad when he fell asleep in his car seat on the way home.

The baby turtles were being weighed as we were walking by, Ethan really likes the turtles.

Unfortunately they were behind the glass being fed some carrots today so this was the best out of three pictures I was able to get of the two new male giraffes we have at the zoo, Akeem, the taller one in front and Bakari, the smaller one in the background.

Hunter and Ethan saying Hi to the Orangutans.

Ethan and Hunter both really liked watching the Sea Lion get his fish out of the container.

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