Yesterday Ethan, myself, Amy & Hunter met Nicole and Peyton at Papa's Pizza to celebrate Peyton's 3rd birthday. We had a good time with pizza, cupcakes and a birthday goody bag from Peyton filled with all kinds of fun stuff and to top it off then got to play in the play area filled with all kinds of play structures, slides and games. It was funny that all three of them had on brown shirts. Happy Birthday Peyton!!

Ethan and Peyton both loved riding the horse merry-go-round.

Hunter and Ethan driving the car and snowmobile.

Peyton shooting hoops with his mom...His mom was a basketball star at George Fox University so he has basketball in his blood and a good free throw.

Amy & Hunter practicing their hoops.

It has been so much fun having all three boys the same age and that they get along so well together as well as myself to have such great friends (not just mommy friends as I new both of them long before our three boys were in the picture) that have gone through some of the same things, to bounce things off of as well as go out on occasion and just be girls!

For V-day Jeff and Ethan ran the cable for and hooked up my new TV & DVD player in my kitchen. Ethan was a great little helper with his drill that G&G Hadley & Aunt Lori gave him for Christmas.

It has been raining, as usual, so we have had lots of time for indoor activities and Ethan has been enjoying the Play-doh set, memory game and flashcards that he got for Christmas.

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The Springer's said...

Thanks for celebrating with us! I too am so grateful that we all have boys really close in age and great friends in you and Amy. :)