This weekend Ethan and I went to work with Daddy. He was in need of some help to get his office organized and transitioned from the old job to the new job, he still has the same office and some of the same staff but works for a different company. We took the laptop to help keep Ethan entertained with movies and spent both Saturday and Sunday getting rid of lots and lots and lots of paper and rearranging the furniture. In fairness, he did warn me beforehand of what I would be walking into...I was afraid it would be a Hoarders episode. I didn't take a before picture because it may have scared some of you.

This was the end result of all our hard work.

Ethan was really helpful and found lots of toys to play with in Daddy's office, he especially liked the paper clips and an Easy button from Staples that says "that was easy," to which Ethan repeated every time he pushed it.

This afternoon while Daddy was going through his last stack of papers, Ethan and I went to feed the ducks just down the street from Daddy's office. He did get too close to one duck who tried to fly away and ended up hitting him with his wing, which scared him a little but he turned right back around and tried to get another one. I think I repeated "you can't touch them" at least 50 times, but what don't I repeat to a 2-year-old at least 50 times a day.

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The Houston Family said...

PLEASE! Come help Keith with his office. He thinks I am rude when I tell him it is time to get rid of some of his junk-I mean treasures!