Duck, Duck, Goose...

Yesterday Daddy had to go to work so Mommy and Ethan were watching movies and wasting the day away. Mommy went to change the laundry and came back in her office to find Ethan covered in black pen, face, both arms, both hands and one leg...HA, I did get a picture before trying to scrub off the markings. Note to self...make sure to put all pens back in the child-proof drawer as Ethan can climb anything to get what he wants.

Today we met Amy, Hunter & Vivian (aka Hunter's Grandma Seifert) at Bauman Farms just outside of Woodburn. They have several activities for everyone's enjoyment along with a big market to buy fruit, veggies, fresh pressed apple cider and apple donuts...mmm good! Both Ethan and Hunter had a great time, especially in the petting zoo. They had two new calves, just over a month old, pigs, chickens, goats, llamas, sheep, ducks, bunnies and a turkey. Ethan especially liked the pigs and giggled while they were eating and kept saying "nacks yum."

(Thanks for the great hat Aunt Kristina...I was glad to have it today as it was barely 50 degrees)

Afterwards, since we were only a few miles from Salem, Ethan and I went to feed the ducks/geese down the street from Daddy's work. Jeff was really busy trying to get as many things taken care of as possible since he leaves on a business trip tomorrow morning for 3 days, so we didn't get to see him, but we waved HI to his building as we were driving past. I have seen the ducks/geese several times before and have wanted to take Ethan to feed them for quite a while. He had a great time throwing bread for them. After all our bread was gone they all started their walk across the street, a very busy street. It was amazing to see them walk across the steet, all 20+ of them, and all the traffic stop...so cute!


george said...

So cute! At least he used the pen on himself and not your walls. Looks like you guys had a vonderful time. I am excited to take Avery to do things like feeding the ducks. It looks so fun.

Kristina said...

I'm glad to see that Jacob and Ellie aren't alone in the art drawing on themselves..they are always doing it in fact Ellie just did it last week and was a Cat and she has recently found that marker makes for great lipstick! I don't now how I missed these few posts.. I'm glad the hat works..! You guys look like you have been havin' FUN!