Here to stay

We'll it is now official...we will be staying in Portland, Oregon, at least for a few more years. After a great effort over the last 14 months by our Realtor, Carol Froeber, we have decided to pull our house out of the For Sale arena. If you call me in the next week or so and I don't answer your call, apparently you are not listed in my contacts and I am assuming that you are a realtor calling to get me to relist my house with you....they are vultures and I hate those calls, hence why they go to voicemail.

Jeff has a new opportunity coming up (which we will devulge details at a later time) and so we have decided for now to stay here and put our house back in order. It is really hard to try and sell your house. My house is generally pretty clean but when someone calls to show the house I feel as though I have to go the extra cleaning mile, sometimes within a few minutes, and then they walk through in 5 minutes, it really gets frustrating. For the last week or so I have been going through all the rooms and made a GoodWill run, fall cleaning instead of spring cleaning. We have had at least half of our house boxed up in the attic of the garage and I am looking forward to going through those boxes and finding all the things that I have been missing as well as another GoodWill run I am sure.


B, A, H & C said...

being selfish...but i am so glad you are staying close. you never know where life is going to take you....just happy you are here for a little while longer. :)

The Springer's said...

So glad you're staying...it will be nice to have your house feel like home again. :)