Lions and Chettah's...oh my!

We finally made it today to see the new "Predators of the Serengeti" at the zoo. They opened this new exhibit almost a month ago so we were able to avoid the rush by waiting. Both the cheetahs and one of the lions walked right up to the glass, it was so cool. Close to the end of the zoo Ethan decided he wanted to have a tantrum because Mommy said "no" to having more snacks...he had been eating most of the time we were there, but all in all it was a good morning at the zoo and he fell asleep 5 minutes after we started our drive home.

All three boys really liked the ducks.

Ethan really likes the Orangutans. They are always so entertaining every time we are there. He was playing peek-a-boo in the shirt.

Nicole and Peyton.


Amy & Hunter

Our attempt to get a pictures of all three boys...never happens.

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