Utah Christmas (12/20-12/30)

This year was our year to travel to Utah.  We enjoy spending the time with both our families but I don't call it a relaxing vacation...I guess most vacations probably aren't relaxing as you usually need a staycation after a vacation just for some relaxation...anyway it was a shorter trip this year with 4 days driving and 5 days bouncing back and forth between both our families but we had a great time nonetheless.  We arrived in SLC on Friday evening to see Doug, Lori, Brian, Lexie & Falon and then we all traveled down to Hurricane the following day.

Saturday Evening we spend at George & Brittney's house (Jeff's brother).  Ethan had a great time playing with cousins Avery & Taylee.  He was not so fond of baby Kaden, who is 5 1/2 months old, but he warmed up to him eventually.

 If this picture doesn't say it all....

Kaden is such a happy baby, I only heard him cry a couple of times the whole time we were there.  He is going to be a heart breaker.
 A couple hours later and no one else to play with at the moment...now they are good friends.

Monday afternoon we had the Berg Family pictures taken at Snow Canyon.  I don't have the disc yet but the pictures turned out awesome, and you can view some of them at carlygracephoto.com
 (The Berg Family, 12/29/13). 

(Kristina, Newell, Jacob & Ellie, Doug & Kiara, Dad & Mom, Ethan, Kate & Jeff)

 Snow Canyon, what a beautiful sight.  We used to spend a lot of time here and I learned to rock climb here as well with Jeff 18+years ago.

Christmas Eve - My family has always had the tradition of taco dinner & then making and frosting homemade sugar cookies...which I thoroughly love...Jeff and I carried that tradition over to our own little family and do it on the years that we don't go to Utah as well.  Lots of laughs, good food & games, and new pj's.

Christmas morning with the Hadley's...

 Santa was very busy and there were a lot of smiles

 Ethan was extremely excited about his Hersey's bar that is close to his size.

And was even more excited about Disney Infinity.  Overall, it was a great day and we then went to my parent's house in the afternoon to open presents with the Bergs.

Thursday afternoon we had Hadley Family pictures.  We don't have any of those back yet so hopefully in the next week or so.  
 Cousin love...Avery & Ethan.
Then we made a mad dash for the shooting range before it got dark as that was our last evening there.  Jeff, George, Brian, Lexie, Brittney, Dad and myself doing our best to blast some brass.

 Kate & Newell (my first best friend in life)

Friday morning we then left for home taking a new route and stopping overnight in Reno to visit Jeff's bff, Jed.  Traveling along what is named the Loneliest Highway in America, Hwy 50, we traveled to Reno and came across the shoe tree just outside of Fallon, NV.  I love Ethan's questioning look.

 Ethan and Napoleon.

We finally made it home on 12/29.  Ethan was excited to use one of his Christmas gifts, a hot dog cutter, for dinner. 
 And Finally New Year's Eve....growing up my family also had the tradition of having fondue.  Our picky eater was very leery of trying the cheese with his hotdog but eventually he gave in a tried it and tried it and tried it....maybe someday he will like more than 5 items.

So long 2013...We look forward to all the adventures to come in 2014!!!

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