Reflection and What's to come

Looking back over my 2013 goals I think I did pretty well with what I set out to do.  There will always be hiccups but I am excited for what this year will bring.

2013 Reflection: 

* Monthly date with Jeff.  Life has gotten in the way for several years and it is hard not having any family nearby to help us out, but I found a great kid, who is an 8th grader in the same school as Ethan, and we have had several recent dates going out just the two of us, as well as other times meeting friends.  **We did pretty good with this goal. We had several fun nights out this past year.

*  Continue in my efforts to a healthier lifestyle.  Neither Jeff not I want to pass the bad habits we have had for the last 18 years onto Ethan, so we are both making a conscious effort to better those habits.  **This will be a life-long goal.

*  Make a weekly menu and shopping trip.  I have been doing this monthly, however, it is one area of my Type A personality that I suck at.  **Still working on this.  I did better with shopping more often, now need to work on planning out the menu better.

*  Upgrade my gym membership so that I can go to different clubs around town and have no excuse not to make it to the gym 2-3 times a week after work before I pick up Ethan.  **I did upgrade my membership, however, was not able to make it to the gym as I had hoped.  Starting back at this tomorrow (1/6) though.  

*  I just purchased a new pair of running shoes, and once my foot is completely healed, hopefully within the next month, I plan on taking them to the road.  My goal this year it to be able to run a whole 5k without stopping.  I ran/walked several 5k's last year, which was a great accomplishment, however, I want to be able to be able to prove to myself that I can accomplish running the whole way.  **Plans for this definitely didn't go as I was hoping.  My foot healed up nicely and I did several 5k's throughout the year, however, most of them I walked as most of my peeps aren't runners but were willing to walk with me.  In April I signed up for a 5k training with Legacy Health Systems, the hospital that I used to work at.  I trained for 8 weeks and then ran in the Starlight Parade.  Unfortunately, about half way though the training my forefoot started to hurt as if I was walking on a marble continuously.  As I am a frequent flyer at my podiatrists office, good thing we are friends, he determined it was a neuroma and did several injections.  While still training and getting injections, I developed the start of a stress fracture right next to where the neuroma was and subsequently had to have an MRI and spend the entire month of July and part of August in my cast boot.  It was an awful way to spend the summer, especially as Ethan was spending that time in Utah and Jeff and I missed out on several things that I had planned as I wasn't able to do them with the cast boot on.  It has now been over a year since my foot surgery, the neuroma and stress fracture have subsided and healed and I am looking forward to getting back to exercising and training to run a 5k. 

*  Spend more time with family and friends.  We have several fun adventures and fun trips planned this year, one to Sunriver in March with the Springer family and then the 3 of us are also going to Yellowstone to meet some of our family members for a week this summer.  Ethan will also be spending a few weeks in Utah this summer with our families and Jeff and I are looking forward to finding some new adventures of our own. **We had some great adventures in 2013. We spent a weekend in Sunriver with the Hall's, had a week-long vacation in Yellowstone with several of our family members, learned to kayak, and road in the Providence Bridge Pedal with Ethan.

*  Get a tattoo.  I thought about this for a long time before I did it, and last year just before my birthday, I got a tattoo on the inside wrist of my left arm.  The words help remind me daily of the person I am striving to become.  As one of my other friends had said after she got her tattoo, "I know it's "outside of the box" for how many people think of me, but to me, it is ME" and I feel the same way. **Done

Now onto 2014...This past birthday I turned 37 so I made a list of "37 while I'm 37" so I will be working on that. (click to make bigger)


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