Busy but fun weekend

This past weekend was a nonstop weekend but we had fun...First was Jeff's company BBQ in Salem.  We took Ethan's bike with us so he could ride it around the park with the other kids and one of the partners, Mark, decided to give it a try...it was pretty funny.

We then went to the Highland Games at Mt. Hood CC and listened to some pipe bands and to check out all the kilts.  Neither Jeff or I had been to the MHCC campus before so we didn't see the games until we were leaving but it was a fun experience and will probably go again next year now that we know what to look for.

The next morning I was walking/running with my co-worker, Cliff, in the Terwilliger Parkway Centennial 5k, with Jeff in my cheering section, and then we met my mom and Ethan at Pioneer Square to see the Sand in the Square.

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