Summer fun

Wow..has summer flown by.  With just a few weeks left until Ethan starts kindergarten I guess it is time for an update. 

Ethan has had a fun and packed summer and he and my mom returned last weekend from 2 weeks in Utah.  Ethan was able to spend half of each week with Jeff's parents and the other half with my parents, as they live only a few blocks from each other, and had lots of cousin time, sleepovers, and adventures.
 Cuddling up with Jacob and Ellie at Grammie & Papa Berg's.
 Playing princesses with Avery and Taylee at uncle George & aunt Brittney's.

My dad also took Ethan, Jacob and Ellie up to Zion National Park to play in the river and do the Junior Ranger Program.

Jeff and I also had some adventures while they were away, mountain biking at Timothy Lake, movie dates with friends, and I ended with a 4-day girls weekend at Eagle Crest.

 Timothy Lake, Oregon
 Mushrooms anyone?
 Jeff and I haven't been mountain biking in a long time but have been road riding quite a bit in the last month.  We did a single track trail around Timothy Lake and it was beautiful. 

This summers girls weekend we went to Eagle Crest, which is near Bend, Oregon.  The weather is a lot like Hurricane, UT,  along with some of the scenery, and I took full advantage of the sun by getting an awesome sunburn while laying by the pool the first day, so the next day was spent in the shade. I have some great friends and we always have a good time together.

 Desi, Amy#2, Summer, Amy#1, Gentry, Jill and Me
 And ended the night doing girly stuff....facial.  Mine was orange juice, honey, and oatmeal and both Amy's did banana, orange juice and honey. 

And here are some other photos from the past few weeks...
 Sunset from the top of Rocky Butte

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