July is half over?!?

Wow how life is speeding past.  Since I have started working away from home I feel like I am always running and can never keep up. While I am thankful to have a job and that my mom is helping us with Ethan, I really miss my time with him.  In just a couple of months he will start full-day kindergarten and life will probably become even busier, if that is possible, but for now I am cherishing the moments I do get to spend with him.

I haven't had a lot of time to take his picture recently, but he has had some fun experiences the last few weeks. I have kept him and my mom busy with different activities at the community center for him and he has had a great time.  He is just finishing up swim lessons, will be going to Utah for 2 weeks, and then will be back for a week of baseball and a week of soccer before school starts.

We also celebrated his birthday and the 4th of July in here somewhere and Ethan loves a celebration.  His whole life, thus far, has had multiple birthday parties each year and then fireworks to top it off.  For his birthday we took him to Spaghetti Factory and to see Madagascar 3...afro circus... to which we are all still singing the song, and for the 4th of July we went for a day trip sightseeing around downtown and to Multnomah Falls.

My friend, Amy, told me about Safety Town that Hunter had been taking and how much fun he had had so I signed Ethan up and he had the most fun of all the activities so far.  He came home every day to tell me about the newest safety thing he had learned.  He was quite knowledgeable when it was all over and sad that he didn't get to go anymore.  I so glad he liked it so I see another session in our future for next summer. 

Ethan also had his 5 year checkup last week and he did awesome!  He is still in the 10% for weight at 34 pounds, up 3.5 pounds, and is in the 25% for height, growing to be 41.5 inches tall, up 2.5 inches, from last year's checkup.  He had perfect hearing and eyesight tests and did nearly perfect on his shapes/letters/numbers test. 

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