This is the captain speaking and we have been cleared for takeoff...

Ethan and I took his first airplane ride this past week and oh what fun we had.  We traveled to Utah to visit our family and to celebrate my Grandma Caldwell turning 80.  Unfortunately, my Aunt Kathie past away while we were there after fighting a long battle with breast cancer with metastasis to the brain.  She was a wonderful lady who will be missed and my heart and thoughts go out to her family.  Here is a link to their family blog if you are interested...One More Day

Grammie picked us up from the airport and we met Uncle Doug, Kiara, Charmaine and Aunt Lori for a trip to Hogle Zoo.  They had a few different animals than at the Oregon Zoo so we got to see a few new ones as well as my most favorite...the giraffe's.

 Here's a hoot just for Amy!

Ethan, Grammie, and Kiara.

Then Sunday we traveled the 5 hours to Hurricane and were able to spend a few days with the rest of the bunch.  Ethan loved playing with cousin Avery at the park and with the toys at G&G Hadley's.
We also got to ride Papa Steve's bus at Zion National Park after having dinner at the Pizza Noodle.  

On our way home from riding Papa's bus Ethan all the sudden started to cry.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he wanted to go home and see his daddy and puppies.  So not even 3 days in and he was homesick, it was so sad. 

He woke up the next morning still wanting to go home but was really excited to get to ride the 4wheeler, climb the tree and swing with Papa Steve so it took his mind off of it for a while.
 Tuesday was the only day we were able to wear shorts and flipflops.

Ethan, Papa Steve, Jacob and Ellie....they love to ride the 4wheeler.

 Ethan also got to feed the bearded dragon and play with Pumpkin at Aunt Lexie's.

We then traveled back up to SLC on Thursday and had lots of fun with Aunt Lori.  Sucks that it had to snow most of the time we were there but we made the most of it.  Thanks to Lori again for letting me have a break for several hours on several days, I truly appreciate her.  We celebrated my Grandma Caldwell turning 80 yesterday with a large family dinner and reception.  It was really fun to spend some time with my family, most of which I haven't seen in 10+ years.  There were several people taking pictures so I didn't take any, so I will have to update when I have some of those pictures.  Unfortunately the party ended on a sour note when my brother & sister-in-law, Newell and Kristina's, car was broken into and her purse and several other items were stolen as well as the window having to be replaced...crossing my fingers that karma will take care of that.

Ethan was very excited to see Daddy waiting for us this afternoon.  He took off running...or better yet wobbling with his heavy backpack...but we are all happy to be home again.

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