Jeff is once again starting school...this time to get his histology degree.  Jeff started off his pathology career in 1997, when he went to school at the U of U / ARUP for a degree in cytology, in short, the diagnosis of cancer mostly through Pap smears.  About a year after obtaining his degree we moved to Oregon and now almost 12 years and a master's degree in business later, he is now going to start an online program to obtain a histology degree, in short, frozen section of cells and tissue then thinly sliced and viewed on a microscope to diagnose cancer and other diseases, and he will be able to do his clinicals with his employees, as he is the operations manager of a pathology company.  Not sure how many initials he is currently up to after his name but what is a few more, right?

In other news:

Yesterday my cell phone fell out of my pocket and into the toilet (or my poo phone as Jeff now calls it).  My heart sank as I realized I hadn't moved some my pictures from the phone to the SD card in my phone and I was afraid all the pictures were lost.  Luckily my cousin, Stephanie, gave me a tip to put it in a bowl of rice and see if it might help get the water out.  Not sure how well it worked, and I will definitely need a new phone, but at least for the moment it is working and I was able to get my pictures off the phone.  Especially this one...
    Newell (aka, Uncle Noodle per Ethan), Doug and myself - 04/10/2011

My brothers mean the world to me.  I love them dearly.  I don't get to see them very often, and that makes me sad, but when we are able to hang out we make the most of it and I can always count on them. 

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