Berg Family Reunion

Ethan, myself and Grammie Berg headed out across country to take her home as well as have a Berg Family Reunion along the way.  It has been 20 years since all of us have been together, as my grandma passed away at the start of my Senior year of high school and my grandpa passed away just over a year later a few days before Christmas.  It was so good to see everyone and catch up and hopefully we will get together again soon. (More pictures to come as soon as I receive them but here are a few for now)

 Brent, Michael, Renee & Steve (my dad)
 The girls(cousins & cousins-in-law)...probably about 3/4 of us.

 The boys (cousins & cousins-in-law) probably about 1/2.

 Stephanie, Susan, Jennifer and I.  We are all within a couple of years of year other.

Jennifer, Brody, Susan, Emily, Kate & Ethan (only kids)

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