Another round of funnies...

Last weekend, Ethan and I joined the Springer/Prazeau families to celebrate Miss Olivia Springer (his best buddy, Petyon's, sister) turning 1.  This picture was taken at the party.

Our boy has a contagious and energetic personality and keeps us continually laughing with his moves like Jagger and one-liners.  Over the past few weeks he has had some really doozies so I wanted to make sure I wrote them down.

*I was asking Ethan what he wanted to eat for dinner one night to which he replied, "you'll have to provide me with a menu."

*One of Ethan's newest food wants has become scrambled eggs.  He also wants to help make it so earlier this week he was "helping" to make his egg and at the same time I was looking in a cookbook on the counter next to him.  While stirring his eggs, he turned to me and said, "Daddy doesn't have to read a menu to cook an egg!"

*After eating the above written egg, Ethan got down from the table and had left his plate on the table while going to talk to Daddy.  Charlie of course jumped up to see if he had any leftovers to share to which Daddy told Charlie to get down.  Ethan then ran to get his plate and said, "Charlie is eating my food, thank you, Charlie," and then gave him a hug.  (probably the only time he will get a hug for doing that)

*Ethan and his nonstop characters...you can't help but have a smile while trying to guess...earlier this week he was wearing his batman costume, mask and all, along with his Lightening McQueen slippers and told us that he was Optimus Prime, the transformer.  Of course Jeff and I should have known that based on his slippers having wheels...right?!? 

*Me:  Ethan, are you ready for lunch?
 Ethan:  No, not yet, I have to save the day first.  (as he is putting on his Batman costume after changing out of school clothes)

* While watching the BCS Ducks game, E says my team always wins...J asks him who his team is thinking he is going to say a color, E replies... It's the ducks!

Taking Riley on a bike ride to the park.

Ethan dancing after making his own music on his keyboard (you'll want to go to the bottom and push pause on my background music to hear the video)

Sorry this is sideways so tilt your head...but we, thankfully, were the only people in TacoTime while he was doing his moves.

One of my favorites!!! A song about yoda playing his gumtar and mom & daddy.


Stephanie said...

I forgot you went private, so it just looked like you hadn't blogged in forever! I have to remember to check it now! This is great- I wish I could remember half the things Gage and Ali have said and done!

Anonymous said...

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