Out with the old and in with the new...bring on 2012!!!

Looking back on 2011's goals I set for myself, I feel I did really good in completing all but one, which I did make good strides towards changing other things to continue that same goal in 2012.

My goals for 2012 are definitely going to keep me busy but in a good way.  I am looking forward to them and got a head start on a couple in 2011. 

1.  Adding to my education.  I signed up before we left for Christmas vacation to begin an online physician-based medical coding course.  Ethan will begin kindergarten full days later this fall and I want to branch my skills out.  Today is my first day of the course so my computer, my 5 books and I are going to become close friends over the next 4-5 months.  Jeff is also in the middle of his histology degree so life will be busy.

2.   Continue with a healthier lifestyle.  My goal for 2011 for losing weight fell short, however, I did start several steps in the right direction and this year will continue those and more.  Some of those have/will consist of:
decreasing my intake and give up Coca-cola
exercising every morning (with the help of Netflix and DVR while on the treadmill and bike trainer)
joined Weight Watchers
become much better at making meals at home
make it to the gym more for zumba and weightlifting
train/run a few races (Shamrock 5k will be my first this year)
ride the bridge pedal again, it has been a few years

3.  Jeff and I to take the concealed handgun permit class.

4.  Spend more time working in the yard and garden and by summer getting the bottom of the deck covered so Charlie will no longer have that as his sneaking hideout. 

5.  For Ethan...he loves being busy and loves school but with a whole summer to entertain him I want to get him in some fun activities, continue with his swimming lessons and have lots of fun spending time together as a family.

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