Busy day but we made time for some play.

We had a busy busy day today. First off, we took Jeff to the airport for his trip to Canada to do a lab inspection. Then we headed off to Ethan's balls and beanbags class at the community center. He had a great time playing with all the kids, especially his pals Hunter and Peyton. He is quite a social little guy and definitely had the attention of the teacher, who was trying to create structure for a class of very hyper and not-so-focused toddlers. I think he will have his work cut out for him. We then headed home for a much needed nap. Mommy worked in the yard getting all the weeds cleaned up for the open house this weekend while Ethan took a nap. After naptime, Mommy and Ethan walked Copper to the park for some exercise and to play on the swings. We then headed off to Costco to get some necessary items for the beach. We are heading to the beach on Friday morning for some much needed relaxation with our friends the Seiferts. We will be very excited to have Daddy back on Saturday just in time for Mommy and Daddys 12th wedding anniversary on Sunday.

Here are some pictures from Ethan's class today:

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