Picture overload....January, February & March

Happy 8th Birthday Copper....you have really grayed in you few years.

Children's museum with Amy, Watson & Hunter

Happy 8th Birthday Peyton!!!
Skateboarding skillz in the house.

Hogwarts cooking class at Merry Kitchen from the gift cards he received at Christmas.

PBR at Moda Center

This seems like a great pillow for me.

Ethan did a wax museum presentation about Harriet Tubman at school.

Just a few days before I turned over 200k someone ran into the side of my Landcruiser while on my way to pick up Ethan from school, however, I did get a new bumper out of the deal.  My car held up exceptionally well compared to the Acura he had. 
 Happy 5th Birthday Charlie!  Finally turning into a good dog with just a few mischievous moments.
 Angry Bird Dog..haha
 Copper likes to be really close in his old age....do you mind if I sit, lay or cuddle with you?!?

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