First day of 2nd grade!

Ethan is starting 2nd grade at a new school this year, Sacramento Elementary.  He will be in the 2nd/3rd grade combined class with Mrs. Foreman. 

We have all enjoyed him being at St. Therese, which is the private school that he has attended for the last three years, however, they raised their tuition quite a bit so with reluctance, we decided to pull him out for this year and give the public school a try...new school, meeting new friends, daily free dress and within walking distance...downfalls are hardly any communication from the school or the teacher, school doesn't start until 8:40 and the soonest you can arrive is 8:30am, and there is no before or after-school care.  We do, however, have Tayler, who has moved in with us to attend college, and she will be able to take Ethan to school, which will greatly help us out.  Tayler is the daughter of my friend, Naomie, who recently graduated from high school in California and has moved to Oregon to attend college.  Naomie and I have been friends for nearly 20 years, and met while working together as CNA's at Zion Care Center in Hurricane.    

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