Fun-filled busy weekend

This weekend started off with myself, my friend Desi, and 4 of my co-workers running the Foam Fest, which is essentially a 5k mud and foam run, through PIR (Portland International Raceway).  I unfortunately was unable to run, as my feet just won't give me a break.  I have a neuroma in between my 3rd and 4th metatarsals (forefoot) of my left foot, which has caused quite a bit of throbbing pain and then also spent the month of July in my cast boot for a stress fracture, which happens to be right next to where the neuroma is.....so much fun....so therefore, I had to walk the race instead but had a great time anyway and came out with the probably the cleanest shirt of the day.

We then rode as a family in the Providence Bridge Pedal on Sunday.  This was Ethan's first time riding in it and he seemed to have a good time, although the wait time to get started took longer than us riding the bridges. 
 Patiently waiting to start the ride.

 Atop the Marqum Bridge.

 Atop the Fremont Bridge.

Grammie Berg, who was spending some time with us this summer to help out with Ethan, also did the 5 mile Bridge Pedal walk. 

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