One of goals this year was to be able run a "whole" 5k by the end of this year.  I have half run/half walked several 5k's over the past two years, however, I also had foot surgery on both feet in the last two years as well, so it has been a challenge.

About a month ago, while looking on facebook one evening, there was a posting for an 8-week Couch-to-Starlight 5k training program with the Legacy Health Systems (my former employer) so I jumped at the chance and signed up.  The training involves eight weeks of once a week (Tuesday evenings) meeting at a track downtown for training and running with the group and then training on your own twice a week (Thursdays & Saturdays), with the finally being to run the Starlight parade on June 1st.  I just finished training for week 3, and while it has had its challenges, my calves are sore, I am really glad I signed up.  Jeff has even joined me on the last two Saturdays runs, which has been really nice.

June 1st is also Jeff's 43rd birthday, so hoping to see many of my friends cheering me on, as well as celebrating his birthday, and then enjoying the parade afterward with us.

With the motivation of my B.F. from high school, I also started 100 crunches/ab exercises a day for 100 days as well as a 30-day squat challenge with another friend. 

I saw this on facebook, which will be the May cover of Boston Magazine.  I found it inspiring.

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