He wants to eat your blood...

Watch out for our vampire...
St. Therese Halloween Bash 2012

Ready for Trick-or-Treat.  We made our way to Lloyd center mall, where he got quite a bit of candy and we were able to stay dry, then went to a few houses on our street in which he banked quite a bit of candy as their aren't many kids in our neighborhood so all the old folks gave him handfuls.

This past weekend we joined Halls and Campbell's for Hyatt's annual pumpkin carving party.  I think Jeff came away as the creative winner (two headed pumpkin) of our family for sure but everyone did a great job and had as always had a good time.

 Aaron drying his Frankenstein pumpkin.

And one random picture....We went to the mall last weekend and while walking by Brookstone Ethan wanted to try the leg massager.  We couldn't get him to get out of it and he told us it was SOOOOOO Comfy!

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