One week left...

Pre-k for Ethan has one week left to go before summer break.  Last week they had their Spring Fling concert, which was full of nursery rhymes in English, sigh language and Spanish and they did a great job! I have a video but can't get it to upload so I will keep trying.  Ms. Horne has been an excellent teacher for Ethan and we appreciate her very much.  This coming week they are letting each of the children in the class who have summer birthdays celebrate their birthday early with their classmates.  Ethan's school birthday party will be tomorrow so he is very excited to get to take "pupcakes," he has always called them pupcakes, to celebrate.  Then for the final day on Friday they are having a bubble festival, which should be great fun.  We are looking forward to having a great summer!

 Best Friends Forever having some sweet treats after their program.

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