Playing catch-up

Life has been a bit busy the last couple of weeks with starting my new job so I haven't had much spare time.  Today was my first day on my own and I think I am finally starting to feel comfortable and did pretty good.  As I haven't ridden the MAX or bus in many years, commuting has been a bit entertaining at times but overall has been good and glad to not have to pay to park.

Ethan has been having a fun time with Grammie and we are all hoping that the rain will start to let up some as we are all anxious to be playing outside.

The weekend before I started my new job, while Jeff was driving my mom to Portland, Ethan and I took a second adventure riding the bus/MAX/Tram to make sure I new the route to get to work.  Ethan loved the adventure and we took a picture while riding down the tram.  Saturday/Sunday market is now back open as well so we stopped for an elephant ear on our way home, one of Ethan's favs.

For St. Patrick's day Ethan came home with his Leprechaun costume mask that he had made in school (see previous posting).  He then decided that he needed to make some additional masks/costumes and has since been obsessed with the tape, scissors, cheap paper plates, lunch sacks, notebook paper, and pipe cleaners.  We have had many, many creations the last 3 weeks.

 Here are some of his artistic creations...he has some great skills and really puts a lot of thought into his creations,
including this car that he built with Playdoh earlier today...again, lots of thought put into all the details of building it.

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The Springer's said...

Glad your first day on your own went well...We miss our friends!! :(