Where did it go...

WOW...January has flown by, at least for me.  Tomorrow will be the end of the month and while I have been really busy, apparently any extra time there might have been was swallowed up.  The first of the month started off with me getting a black eye, then a business license and taking on additional transcription work with a new company, saw pictures of our newest niece, Kiara, attended Nicole's baby shower for baby "O" that will arrive any day, my dad's 61st birthday, our 14th wedding anniversary, signed Ethan up for preschool, INR for my coumadin was too low for the month so I have had to take additional pills and have to go back again tomorrow to get it checked, my brother celebrated his 33rd birthday, started taking zumba again (YAY!), started retraining for 5K post foot surgery, celebrate Copper turning 4, and just dropped Jeff off at the airport to fly to Vegas for a business trip.  Tonight, after putting Ethan to bed and running on the treadmill, I am going to be lazy, putting my feet up and watching some chick flicks that I never have time for.  

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