Well it has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything, apparently we haven't done much. It has been raining on-and-off for many days, of which I am already tired of and it is just getting started. I really miss Utah rain and the smell of rain (you know what I mean if you live or have lived there)...there is no smell with Oregon rain. With all the rain we are doing a lot of playing indoors with movies, DVR catch up and lots of toy cleanup, but Ethan is excited about starting his second swim class with Peyton on the 1st of December.

Ethan has really become quite a talker, (HA-who would have guessed that) although we can only understand about half of what he is saying. I know he gets that skills from me, as well as his talking with his hands. Some things he says are quite cute though, such as he calls a train a "tar-tar"and it says "too-too" and "hi kawer" for Hi Copper.

I have been working for the past several weeks at getting us ready for Christmas and I am almost done, YAY!. This year we are going home to Hurricane so there is a lot to get bought, wrapped, packed and taken care of with us leaving one month from today. We are always excited about seeing both our families as well as catching up with old friends.


amy said...

that is so funny you say you dont smell the rain...because i remember growing up we always said how the rain smells so good here. ha...too funny!

Erin said...

Hey cousin! This is Erin Oxborrow Roring! I just wandered onto your blog--you're adorable! Love your new family pics! We have a blog too: http://roringoodtimes.blogspot.com/

Perhaps someday I'll see you again and get to meet Ethan!